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What kind of car insurance do I need?

You need to be covered to drive. In general, car insurance requirements vary from state to state. Our licensed agents can help you compare car insurance to find the coverage you need and the features you want. Here are some situations and coverage options you should consider when you compare car insurance.

  • You’re in an accident, and it’s your fault - Oops. You’ll want Liability Coverage for this. It provides coverage to passengers who sustain injury and coverage for property damage to the other car. This is the number one reason you get insurance and the bare minimum for coverage in many states.
  • Someone needs medical assistance - Of course you hope you don’t need this, but it’s available if you do. If someone in your vehicle is injured in an accident, Medical Payments Coverage can help with the medical bills.
  • The other driver has no insurance - Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage comes in handy if you’re in an accident with a motorist who has insufficient coverage, or worse, no coverage at all.
  • Your vehicle has been damaged - There are two parts to Physical Damage coverage: Collision and Comprehensive coverage. Collision covers collision with objects on the road, including other vehicles. This is what pays to repair your car when another driver is not at fault. Comprehensive covers other ways your car could be damaged, such as theft, vandalism, hail and more.

When you shop car insurance rates, look beyond the minimum or general car insurance offers and at the different coverage options available to you. Your state might not require them all, but that doesn’t mean some of them aren’t worth having. For example, states do not require comprehensive coverage, but if you live in an area where rockslides or hail storms are frequent, you might want to add it. When they help you compare car insurance, our licensed agents can help you choose what’s appropriate where you drive; just give us a call!

Three reasons why you should call and shop car insurance with us

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  1. Find top-rated providers in one place - Sure, you could go to a provider’s website and fill out a form, and then hop over to another’s website and fill out another form, and repeat with several others until you find the car insurance rates you’re looking for. Or you could call us. We do all the tedious shopping for you to compare car insurance.
  2. Speak with knowledgeable licensed agents - Not sure what kind of insurance you need? Don’t know what your state requires? Our licensed agents do. They can help you get the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. Remember, they aren’t tied to a single carrier — their goal is to help you save money.
  3. Get a policy and get on the road - In addition to providing free quotes, our licensed agents can help you purchase a new insurance policy. In just one phone call, go from uninsured to covered or from bad rates to a great new deal as soon as tomorrow.